Aerius Syrup 150ml

KES 1,485.00

Aerius Syrup 60ml

KES 642.00

Aerius Tabs 5mg 30s

KES 2,719.00

Betaserc Tabs 100s

KES 3,675.00

Cachcet Syrup 5mg/5ml 60ml

KES 150.00

Celestamine Tabs 30s Original

KES 688.00

Chlorpheniramine 4mg Tabs 1000s

KES 600.00

Chlorpheniramine Inj

KES 15.00

Chlorpheniramine Syrup 60ml

KES 70.00

Chlorpheramine Syrup 100mls

KES 150.00

Clarinase Tabs 14s

KES 1,006.00

Claritine Syrup 100ml

KES 756.00

Claritine Tabs 10mg 30s

KES 2,187.00

Ebastel 10mg Tabs 20s

KES 2,673.00

Erostin 10mg Tabs 10`s

KES 456.00

Erostin 20mg 10`s

KES 540.00

Fexet 120mg 20s

KES 1,043.00

Fexet Tabs 180mg 20's

KES 1,179.00

Fexofenadine (fexo) 120mg Tabs 10`s

KES 61.00

Fexofenadine 180mg Tabs 30`s

KES 67.00

Fexofenadine(arest) 180mg Tabs 10`s

KES 79.00

Glencet Tabs 5mg(levocetirizine)

KES 1,755.00

L Montus Tablets 10`s

KES 628.00

Lorhistina 10mg Tabs 30s

KES 219.00

Montallerg Tabs 20`s

KES 1,612.00
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