Pain Killer/Anti inflammation drugs

Pain Killer/Anti inflammation drugs

Aclosara Mr Tabs 10's

KES 53.00

Aclotas 100mg 50s

KES 2,066.00

Airtal 100mg Tabs 40`s

KES 4,980.00

Arcoxia Tabs 90mg 7`s

KES 4,200.00

Asmol Tabs 500mg (paracetamol Tabs)

KES 770.00

Betapyn Tabs 18s

KES 540.00

Brufen Syr 100ml

KES 700.00

Brustan Susp 100ml

KES 450.00

Brustan Tabs 10s

KES 180.00

Cataflam Tabs 50mg 100s

KES 6,632.00

Celcoxx Caps 200mg 50s

KES 2,574.00

Celebrex 200mg 10s

KES 7,263.00
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