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Abiraterone 250mg (bdron) Tabs 120`s

KES 875.00

Acinet 625mg 10s

KES 22.00

Acinet Susp 228mg/5ml 100ml

KES 280.00

Actifed Cough & Cold Dry 100ml

KES 624.00

Actrapid Human Insulin 100i.u 10ml Vial

KES 843.00

Adalat La 30mg 30s

KES 3,240.00

Adalat Retard 20mg 60s

KES 4,860.00

Alburex 20%(human Albumin ) Inj 100ml

KES 13,125.00

Alcorim Susp Paed 50ml

KES 88.00

Aldactone Tabs 25mg 100s

KES 2,821.00

Aldactone Tabs 100mg 10s

KES 1,170.00

Aldomet 500mg Tabs 30`s

KES 1,249.00

Aldomet Tabs 250mg 30s

KES 702.00

Alkeran Tablets 2mg 25`s

KES 346.00

Allopurinol Tabs 100mg 28s

KES 203.00

Allopurinol Tabs 300mg 28s

KES 357.00

Alphagan Eye Drops 5ml

KES 2,549.00

Altacef 500mg Tablets 10's

KES 1,215.00

Aluvia 200mg/50mg Tabs 120s

KES 61.00


KES 199.00

Amaryl 1mg Tabs 30`s

KES 1,010.00

Amaryl 2mg Tabs 30`s

KES 1,788.00

Amaryl 4mg Tabs 30s

KES 3,213.00

Amaryl M 2mg/500mg 30's

KES 1,642.00

Amikacin 500mg/2ml Inj 1s

KES 481.00
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