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4 Acid Liquid 200ml

KES 140.00

5ml Syringes W/n 21gx1 1/2''

KES 5.00

Abiraterone 250mg (bdron) Tabs 120`s

KES 875.00

Abz Suspension 10ml

KES 38.00

Acinet 625mg 10s

KES 22.00

Acinet Susp 228mg/5ml 100ml

KES 280.00

Aclosara Mr Tabs 10's

KES 53.00

Aclotas 100mg 50s

KES 2,066.00

Aclotas P 30`s

KES 41.00

Actal Tums 100s

KES 7.00

Actifed Cold & Wet Cough 100ml

KES 487.00

Actifed Cold Syrup 100ml

KES 468.00

Actifed Cough & Cold Dry 100ml

KES 624.00

Actilosa Caps 10`s

KES 82.00

Actrapid Human Insulin 100i.u 10ml Vial

KES 843.00

Acyclosafe 0.3% Eye Oint 5mgs

KES 788.00

Adalat La 30mg 30s

KES 3,240.00

Adalat Retard 20mg 60s

KES 4,860.00

Adhesive Plaster 75mm 3''x4yds

KES 116.00

Adol 250mg Supp 10s

KES 381.00

Adol Supp 125mg 10s

KES 326.00

Adrenalin Inj 1ml

KES 135.00

Advantan Oint 15gm

KES 667.00

Aerius Syrup 150ml

KES 1,485.00

Aerius Syrup 60ml

KES 642.00
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