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Aerius Syrup 60ml

KES 620.00

Amlong (amlodipine) 10mgs Tabs 30s

KES 950.00

Redoxon immune support 15s

KES 1,800.00

5ml Syringes W/n 21gx1 1/2''

KES 5.00

Abiraterone 250mg (bdron) Tabs 120`s

KES 875.00

Abz Suspension 10ml

KES 100.00

Acinet 625mg 10s

KES 450.00

Acinet Susp 228mg/5ml 100ml

KES 400.00

Aclosara Mr Tabs 10's

KES 53.00

Aclotas 100mg 50s

KES 2,066.00

Aclotas P 30`s

KES 1,200.00

Actifed Cold & Wet Cough 100ml

KES 487.00
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